I got your attention!

I can hear you:

You did what?

I flashed a girl.

To Whom?

That’s a secret.

And she liked it?

She was laughing so darn hard; I am pretty sure she liked it. 


Sometimes the world sucks, sometimes it sucks ALOT. Things feel really dark and heavy here in Oregon right now. There has been another school shooting, people are sick, people are dying, lawyers are calling, people are showing us their shadow sides, bills are due, and sadly people are so caught up in survival mode that JOY is being viewed as frivolous.  All of this was being discussed and then for some reason in the middle of black skies, Victoria Secret bras are brought up. How this happened I couldn’t tell you, but it did. The discussion was that Victoria Secret bras are the best. I disagreed.  As a woman blessed in the boob department, I pride myself on being an expert on bras. I said nope, Lane Bryant Cacique, has the best. This went on for a minute or two. I decided enough of the banter I will prove it. So right there in the basement of her business, yes this was a public place. Don’t worry, only one other woman was present.  I lifted my shirt and showed her my bra.


You too can now say you have seen one of my bras.  😉

You are probably wondering why I would do this and why this merits a blog post.

Let me tell you why, because there was a time not really that long ago, that we were little and filled with wonder and awe that we would lift our dresses, without a care in the world and we would run, laugh, and play. The adults would run after us telling us to put our dresses down but deep down inside we were giggling. In a world of mass murders, bills, illness, death, and lawyers we need to stop and let our playful little girls out for awhile. I don’t recommend pulling up your dress and running down the street but I do recommend playing. In fact, if you are a client, friend, or family member I insist on it.

All of the black scary things still existed when I put my top down but they were now a lighter shade of gray with a little sparkle mixed in. We found JOY! We were giggling; her because she couldn’t believe I just did that and me because well, I couldn’t believe I just did that. But it felt AMAZING to just be in the moment. To let down my guard and be silly with no thought of what someone was going to think of it.


Yes, we have responsibilities, goals, jobs, and worries but when we get so overwhelmed that JOY becomes frivolous; drastic acts of silly must happen. In fact, my recommendation to you today is to do something silly. Add a little sparkle to your day, be creative, be radical; clothing optional.


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