With our anniversary right around the corner and coming back from a beautiful wedding I thought I would repost an older blog.

In Search Of Glitter


Many of you will wonder why  I have made this my profile picture or put this in my blog. You will wonder if it is for sympathy? Is it for attention? The answer to any and most other questions will be answered by a thunderous NO! This picture is so much more than what it would appear. At first glance this would be a picture of a woman lying in a hospital bed, with a man laying next to her and as with all things in life if we just look at the surface you would be correct but there is so much more under the surface. There is a whole other story waiting to be told something far more beautiful and more important than any why you could ask. So let’s get the why out of the way quickly, for reasons I am unwilling to go into at this…

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