What Label Are You Wearing?


  • Teen Mom
  • High School Drop Out
  • Slut
  • Victim
  • Bitch
  • Wife
  • Mother

These are the labels I have been called and I have carried for years. Notice, none of these labels tell you who I am but rather my role depending on who I am with at the time.  There was a time that I not only heard these labels but I wore them as big scarlet letters across my soul. They are what told me and the world that I was unworthy.

Our culture loves labels; black, white, gay, straight, wife, single, mother, childless, employer, employee; you get my gist. Labels aren’t always bad, they help us navigate a sometimes confusing world but the problem is that we don’t’ always write our own labels. We take the labels others give us and we own them. We carry those labels around, letting them dictate the way we interact with the world, never asking ourselves if they are true.

So let me go through my list and see if they were true in the past?

  • Teen Mom – Yes
  • High School Drop Out – Yes
  • Slut – No
  • Victim – Yes
  • Bitch – Sometimes
  • Wife – Yes
  • Mother – Yes

Now let me ask are they true NOW?

  • Teen Mom – Forty isn’t considered a teen but if someone would like to argue this point I will gladly buy you dinner. 😉
  • High School Drop Out – Yes, I did drop out of High School I ended up getting a diploma, going to college, so no not anymore.
  • Slut – This one hurt a lot, so being the avid researcher I researched what constituted slut and I found out that it all depends on your culture and religious background. So, I will say this is a yes and no answer. Most people would laugh and say No I would say no too unless…. I am feeling rowdy and then I will answer yes. But only because I like the feeling I get when I say that, it feels powerful.
  • Victim – Yes, I was a victim, but I am not a victim anymore.
  • Bitch – Sometimes
  • Wife – For almost 24 years and still hot for my husband.
  • Mother – You bet to three of the worlds most amazing humans.

So since labels are something that others give to us, I am taking back my power and creating my own labels.

Here are MY labels:

  • EFBA – EPIC FUCKING BAD ASS (Thank you Anna Kunnecke for sharing that)

The danger in labels is not the label, but what we make them mean for ourselves when people give them to us. We let someone else speak to who we are, instead of saying who we are.

What labels are you owning and wearing?

How do you allow those labels to affect your life and actions?   

What labels of shame have you worn over the years?

Are you ready to ask yourself hard questions?

Are you ready to give yourself your own labels and own them LIKE A BOSS?

If so, click below and let me help you get started. It is time you started writing your own story.

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