Right now, there are opportunities, people and miracles waiting to be welcomed into your life.  Whatever it is, whatever is calling you, you can have but first you must say,


I know I get it, you have a lot of excuses, no time, not enough money, no one to watch your kids, blah blah blah. I call bullshit, YOU are afraid.  A lot of the time when we are making excuses what is really happening is we are scared to death of taking BIG STEPS.

How do I know? Because I am a big ole scaredy cat. I had all the excuses in the world lined up, alphabatized, and memorized, just in case someone was able to argue one of my trillions reasons why I couldn’t take the BIG STEPS into my passions.


As mothers we suffer from what I call MOMMY GUILT. Yes, that is said in caps because MOMMY GUILT is a huge excuse we use when we stop living our lives and following our passions. MOTHERS ARE CREATORS! Give a mother anything and she will create something magical.  There is a tribal belief, that says once we are mothers our lives belong to our family and to our children, but never to ourselves. If we do anything for ourselves, we are stealing from our chldren. I cannot tell you how many cupcakes have been eaten in a locked dirty bathroom because I was too ashamed that I didn’t want to share. I didn’t deserve that cupcake, my babies did, even though they had already eaten theirs.  Way to up the MOMMY GUILT, eat the last cupcake.

The same thing happens now that they are older. I feel bad when I order pizza, instead of making an organic home cooked meal, or they have no clean underwear because I got so caught up in my passions that I never moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I use to feel guilty over anything and everything. That was before I changed my thoughts and my life.

When I am actively involved in living my truth, I am able to love my family in a full and passionate way. When I don’t I feel resentful towards them.  And that is definatly not how I want to feel. I am my passions! They bring me alive and help me to fully show up. Having a mother who is happy and whole is benefiacial for them.  If I model martyrdom  I raise children who are maryters.   If I model being a passionate creator in my life, then they too will be passionate creators in their lives.


This photo was taken a few years ago when our daughter followed her passion all the way to Haiti.

It is okay to not show up at 100% of the time, for your family.  It is okay to give yourself space to find out what feeds your soul. Dinners do not have to be prepared by you. Laundry doesnt have to be done 24 hours a day, the house doesn’t need to be perfectly clean.  If you just take 10% of what you have been giving away and give it to yourself, you will see dramatic results. By showing up, you are teaching your children you have value and they will learn to value themselves by watching you value YOU.

I know you are thinking this is hard but I can help you with that. I can help you change how you are thinking. It is only as hard as you think it will be. Be fearless in the persuit of what makes you feel alive. There are treasures hidden inside of you waiting to be revealed. But, first you have to say YES!

It is YOUR time to SPARKLE!


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