There Is A Zoo In My Head

When I am not reading some fabulous fiction novel I study how and why we do what we do. Recently, I have been reading a lot about the amygdala, otherwise known as the lizard brain.  It is the part of the brain that senses danger, where our instincts kick in. It controls our primal thoughts, our subconscious and involuntary processes.  It is the voice inside your head yelling DANGER! It is the part of you that can take over when angry. What I have learned is that the lizard brain is here to stay, our job is to figure out how to make friends with our lizard, to control the lizard, and not let the lizard part of our brain control us.

Meet OG!

tiny dragon

Isn’t he adorable?

Og suffers from OCD, chronic anxiety, and has quite the temper.  Og never rests. He is a busy little lizard. He loves to find danger when there is none. If it is quiet, it means someone has gotten hurt and are now unconscious. If my kids are sleeping too soundly; they have stopped breathing. If there are sirens, holy hell, my family has been in an accident. The list goes on and on. Og is a big lover of worse case scenario. But don’t let him fool you he is a BAD ASS!!! He alerts me to real danger. He is the one who reminds me that, that man in the dark alley, may not be my friend. He has saved me a million times. So while Og might cause me some problems, Og was only doing his job, it was his friend, Kahini, who really loves to add the extra drama

Meet Kahini


Who wants to dance?

Kahini means mischievous. Kahini just loves everything! She loves Og and me, so she plays with everything we think, even thoughts that are not serving me. Og senses possible danger and Kahini grabs on and starts putting those thoughts in balloons and bounces them around. This causes Og to freak out, thinking even more stress thoughts. Kahini is a great multiplier so if there are good thoughts, she doubles those. She puts those thoughts in some balloons adds some glitter and starts to play. Kahini just plays with what is there.

OG and Kahini are lovely but they really need supervision.  They need to be told to calm down.

Enter Me


Now remember this is all playing out in my head, and no I am not on drugs. 😉  So here are OG and Kahini just doing there jobs but they are causing quite the ruckus. This is where I enter my mind. My dad makes wands so I envision myself walking in carrying my wand. I am the Great Wizard in my story. I am here to rescue myself from my thoughts. So the minute I see a balloon filled with worry I take my magical wand and I change that balloon so that it isn’t so dangerous. The thought that the sirens mean my family is hurt changes to, there are sirens. The thought everything is falling apart changes into, everything is happening as it should.  I become the Hero of my story. I change the thoughts and give Kahini some more glitter and ballons, Og calms down, crisis is averted. We are all safe here. This went from drama to a comedy in just a few seconds.

I see this all the time with my clients, they are doing amazing work but one thought and they start beating themselves up. That is why I think it is so important to incorporate play when we start doing thought work. It keeps us from abusing ourselves. If you can become the observer of your mind instead of the judger of your mind, it is gentler. If you can become the wizard of your mind, it becomes a game and play is fun.

We only have a finite amount of time here on earth. Why view it so seriously? Yes, we all have work to do but your thoughts will determine if it is hard, easy, stressful or fun.

Why have dark clouds when you can have glitter-filled balloons filling your head?

glitter ballon

You have a zoo in your head too

Make friends with them


I can help you become the hero of your story. If you would like to work with me I offer one-time FREE 30 minute mini sessions. Lets meet the characters in your head and have a little fun. It’s time to add joy and glitter back into your life.

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