There is no way I can do this!


This was the thought that I had when I was told I had to make a video for my certification. It was the only thing left I had to do in order to be certified, and I was stuck.

I can do hard things; I have done a lot of them.

  • Marriage, Check
  • Parenthood, Check
  • Entering the abyss of my mind to face my demons, Check

Here are some of my thoughts about doing the video:

  • I am fat.
  • I am ugly.
  • I don’t have money to produce a really great video.
  • People will laugh at me.
  • I am not enough

This led me to feel:

  • Scared
  • Anxious
  • Trapped

And you know what I did:


I sat with those thoughts and felt horrible. The great thing about doing this work is I know how to coach myself, so that is what I did for a week.  Just when I was just starting to feel like hmmm maybe I can do this, I called a friend. A friend who not only is a great friend but is great at coaching me. She knows me well enough to say get your butt over here and we are recording you, NOW!  WTH I was not ready for that. I thought I was going be able to milk the whole ‘woe is me’ thing for at least a few more hours.

So I did the hard thing. I gave her permission to video me. Let me say she deserves a gold star and a future trip to a beautiful island for taking this on. I counted at least five times where she said, “Smile, like you don’t want to kill me.”

Nothing changed in the situation except my thoughts. I started thinking new things and that led me to feel new things.

  • I am fat turned into I have fat but I am not FAT.
  • I am not ugly and I have a killer hair flip going on.
  • This video will speak to the people who need me.
  • People will laugh at me, I hope so, laughing feels good. In fact, we had so much fun we are thinking of taking the outtakes and making a blooper reel. Warning this will be rated MA, if it ever gets released.
  • I am not enough, I call BULLSHIT on myself. I am more than enough. I have studied, practiced and am an amazing coach with amazing things to offer my clients.

How did all these new thoughts make me feel?

  • Joyful
  • Shiny
  • Light
  • Brave
  • Unstoppable

In life we have to do the hard stuff, it’s the price we pay when we agreed to live on this planet. But here’s the thing, we choose how we feel when doing the hard stuff by the thoughts we are thinking. I am overweight right now, SO WHAT? I am working on that, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can help people.

At the end of the day, I learned more from making this video than another week of self coaching could have taught me.  I needed someone to tell me to get off my butt, get me out of my head and help me do that hard thing.

What hard thing are you putting off?

What thoughts are you thinking that are causing you pain?





Is this video perfect, nope. Am I still overweight? Yes, but mentally, I am a lot thinner because I have lost a ton of emotional weight and that feels amazing!

My thoughts today…

  • I am brave!
  • I control my life!
  • I do hard things!
  • I sparkle A LOT!

I am now a Certified Life Coach with Brooke Castillo.


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I promise you will thank yourself for it!