The Man Behind The Husband

I recently had the opportunity to see the man behind the husband, I have been married to for over 23 years.  I am humbled by what I saw.  I am proud to be the wife of this man whose character, strength, and honor is known not only to me but to those he has worked for and with. As a wife so often I see my husband either through the eyes of love, or through the eyes of a woman who has had to change the empty toilet roll for the hundredth time but I don’t believe I have ever had the opportunity to see him through the eyes of the people he has worked under, worked with, or those who have worked under him.

I had the opportunity to return to where Eric started his casino career over 20 years ago. Eric had a class he had to attend at Circus Circus, so I tagged along. I never expected that I would have the opportunity to see Eric in a whole new way. I should have known that this trip would be different, when we pulled into the parking garage and the first image in my mind, would be our Sethers all dressed up standing next to his Uncle Eric ready to go to work for the day.

circus circus seth and eric
When Seth died there was so many articles written sighting Eric for the reason Seth wanted to go into the military but it wasn’t just the military service he wanted, he saw the way Eric respected people in authority over him and the way people respected Eric. He saw the man behind the Uncle and that is the man he wanted to be like.

After 23 years of marriage one thinks they know someone and I do but what a blessing it is to see someone through different eyes. First, I was blown away by how many people not only remember but respect my husband. Here is a man who has not worked for this casino for over 10 years and people remember him, hug him, and can’t wait to catch up with him. Even before we got there when someone heard he was coming they upgraded our room to a suite at no charge. One older security officer teared up when she saw him. I got to hear stories about him and everyone we ran into missed him. Here is a man who has not stepped foot in this building in ten years and people remember him with such fondness that they stop what they are doing to talk with him; they wanted to go to dinner with him or comp us. So many times I stood back humbled and honored, this man was my husband.

Eric has always taken his responsibilities very seriously of course he is human but when Eric gives his word he means it. He had a sign made for his desk many years ago and it is still there today.

I'm Responsible

Merriam-Webster’s defines responsible as:

: having the job or duty of dealing with or taking care of something or someone

: able to be trusted to do what is right or to do the things that are expected or required

: involving important duties, decisions, etc., that you are trusted to do


If I had to roll this complex man into a phrase it would be that. Over the course of 26 years, Eric has worked for one US Government and three casinos, stop for a minute and think about that. This is a man that takes his work seriously who is faithful to his company, the people he works for and the people he works with. So often in today’s world we see people float like butterflies from one job, one company to the next unable to ever commit to a job always on the lookout for what can someone give them instead of what can they give to their employers and to the people who work with them.

Eric is responsible

He is the man that his nephews want to be

He is the man our daughter wants to marry

He is the man our sons will grow to be

He is the man I have loved for 26 years

I am so grateful that I was blessed with eyes to see the man behind the husband

eric work

5 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Husband

  1. And from what I read here he’s been awarded for everything when he married such a woman. It takes a big heart to write a post like this about one’s husband.

  2. Michelle, What a beautiful tribute to Eric, and testimony to the beauty of your relationship. We, too, are so proud of Eric and all of your family. Thank you again, for loving and honoring Eric and our wonderful grandchildren! With all of our love, mom and dad d : )

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