I Am On The Road

You may or may not know that 2 years ago I was in an accident that changed my life. I went from being the mom who did it all; to the mom who was lucky to get out of bed. Pain was my constant companion and fear ruled my every waking moment. I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs to help me deal with my health problems and then there were drugs to deal with the issues the drugs caused, prescription drugs were a part of my daily life. Three months ago I found myself curled up on the couch, my soul and body broken, calling out to the Divine asking for something, anything that could help me. bridge Over the last few months I have put together an amazing health team and I have a lot of fun items now at my disposal.One of the things that I believe has changed the way I feel both emotionally and physically is Young Living Essential Oils. I have hope now. I am not cured but I am a hundred miles away from where I use to be. I no longer need to take the drugs prescribed on a daily basis. Another amazing thing is that twice, okay that deserves caps, TWICE this month I have driven to Portland. Two years ago I was driving to Portland two to three times a week. After my accident I was unable to drive there alone, my body could not handle the stress. For two years I was at the mercy of other people’s schedule, for two years I was unable to drive myself to Portland. This month I have accomplished this TWICE!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Two of the biggest things I did were remove toxic chemicals from my home. I clean now only with Thieves from Young Living, a 14oz container has lasted me three months and it is still not empty. My home smells amazing and I am no longer exposing myself or my children to harmful chemicals. The other thing I did was started using the essential oils internally, topically, and I began diffusing them in my home.

I PASSIONATELY believe that this life was meant to be lived fully and we are meant to SPARKLE!

I believe these oils have helped me sparkle again. I would love to share them with you, I would love to grow and learn with you. Quick overview of Young Living, they are an essential oil company that has been the leading distributor of essential oils for the last 20 years. Most essential oils you get at the store or even on-line are only required to have 5% of the actual oil to say 100% pure. Young Living guarantees their oils are 100% pure essential oils. They guarantee their product from the seed the plant grows from, to the seal that the oil is packaged in. seed-to-seal There are two ways to get the oils, you can be a Wholesale Member or a Retail Customer.
So what does this all really mean?

Wholesale Member – A good way to think of this is like a membership (like Costco or Sam’s Club). You buy a one time “Starter Kit” and then you receive wholesale pricing (24% off retail). You can buy any of Young Living’s Products whenever you choose or however often you choose.
Starter Kits Range from $40 to $160

Retail Customer – You simply buy the products just as you would buy anything online and pay full retail.

If you chose to be a Wholesale Member there is no monthly requirement.

My life has been so profoundly affected by these oils that I signed up not only to be a Wholesale Member but to also be a distributor of them.

I have a website feel free to check it out.

contact If I can be of help to you in anyway please email me at

You have glitter running through your veins; you deserve to live a life full of SPARKLE!!!!


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