Managing Life In the Midst Of The Meantime

It is the middle of January so many of you are currently working hard towards the goals you made on January 1st. Or you may be like 95% of the population and steps towards those goals may be slowing down.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment!
You are doing GREAT!!!!

I have found in all my reading that there is rarely a lot of time given to what is called “the meantime”. I first heard of this when I read, In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant. Time to be honest, I USE to HATE ABSOLUTELY HATE THE MEANTIME! I want victory, I want an action plan, I want to make lists, and I want to see results. What no one usually talks about is that, “the Meantime” is crucial to getting the life you deserve. It is a time when old patterns and beliefs fall away. It is a time where you are able to reflect on who you were, because you don’t come to a “Meantime” when life has been all unicorn and butterflies. It is during this time that I find anxiety can be at its highest. Who you are becoming can be painful; you can feel alone, scared, sad, and even angry. After all, whether you liked being a caterpillar or not you knew how to be a caterpillar. But a butterfly now that is scary! You have never been a butterfly, being a butterfly is wonderful, I promise you will love it. You will no longer be crawling around on the ground; you my dear, you will have wings. You will no longer be easy prey, where just any person can step on you; you will be able to fly above it where it is safe and you will know that landing and resting can be just as safe. Just like the caterpillar must spend some time in the cocoon, you too my love must spend some time in ” the Meantime”, consider it your own little safe cocoon. This not knowing, this is sacred, you are birthing a new and beautiful you

I have spent the last two years of my life in “the Meantime”. Believe me when I say it is hard; believe me when I say it doesn’t have to be so hard. You make it harder by fighting against it and not relaxing into it. So since, “the Meantime” can be a little uncomfortable and a little scary I wanted to share with you what I have done that has helped me.

1. Take Time To Rest

This becoming takes a lot of energy so give you permission to rest whenever the need arises.

2. Meditate

I know this word can be scary for a lot of people but for me it is just simply a place where I sit and observe.
This is how I started, two times a day I put a few drops of Stress Away in my palm rub them together and breathe in and out with my eyes closed for 3 minutes.

Stress Away

The only rule is that you cannot judge any thoughts that come up. I kind of view my meditation as watching a movie as a thought moves in I acknowledge it and let it move on through. Later, I can review what has come up but for now I just watch.

3. Listen To Your Heart

Expect A LOT of emotions to start coming to the surface. Pay attention. DO NOT JUDGE YOUR FEELINGS!!! They are neither right nor wrong they just are. I was surprised at how much sadness and anger I had let build up in me towards people. Normally, I would have created some kind of action plan to fix it, I would have berated myself for it, and I would have found some way to make their bad behavior my fault or my bad behavior a reflection of how “bad” I really was. But this is, “the Meantime”, so this time I just sat with it, I felt it, I cried enough tears to fill the Grand Canyon, and I found that a forgiveness came in. There was no need to do anything but let the emotions work themselves out. By doing this you are allowing your heart to remove the old to create space for the new that is arriving.

4. Be Creative

Notice I said creative not crafty. I am not crafty, when God was handing out the craft gift the Divine passed right over me. But I do love to write, dance, and I am creative, not crafty, but creative. I started looking into essential oils, I started creating new beauty products, and then cleaning products. I created a business so that I could share what I was learning with others. Learning or starting something new is a wonderful way to start breaking out of,“the Meantime” .

5. Daydream

We use to call this play before we grew up and believed the lie that grownups don’t do this. Happy grownups do; do this.
Close your eyes,envision your perfect life. What does it feel like? For me it feels like 80 degrees, no clothes, a pool, and my husband grilling a steak. I know pretty simple but when I first started daydreaming I felt so silly, so I had to keep it simple. I can feel the heat in the air, and the water cascade around me, I can smell the steak cooking. Now I add new things, people, events and I allow myself to daydream as often as possible.

Try it

Close your eyes

Picture your Bliss

Those things rising on the corner of your mouth,

that is a SMILE!



4. Search Out Joy

What makes you happy?
If you don’t know try EVERYTHING!!!!!

I like glitter, some days I drive around and sprinkle it on the ground. I give it to kids. It serves no purpose, but it makes me smile and giggle. So for goodness sake laugh, dance, sing, get dirty, get naked, and spread some glitter. Let go of your need to control the outcome. There have been times I have been dancing and singing naked in my house only to hear the UPS truck come up the drive. He may have seen WAY more than he bargained for but I laughed my ass off while hiding upstairs. At the end of the day laughing made it a win for me, if not for the UPS guy, but who knows he does now have a story about the crazy dancing lady, so maybe for him it is a win too.

5. Believe In Magic

Remember when you were little and you were filled with awe that the moon could follow you no matter where you went. It was as if you somehow had some magic. You use to believe in magic in your very own magic, until you let someone steal it and give you answers as to the why, the reason the moon seemed to follow you. Sometimes it is better to let go, to believe in magic. You can have all the “answers” or you can be happy. I chose to be happy.

6.) Relax In The Meantime, Trust It

I promise you that, “the Meantime” is temporary, it won’t last forever. But it is a gift to be treasured for it is offering you a place to rest, recharge, and heal your broken parts. It is a time to remember who you were, accept who you are, and create who you will become.

As a newly winged creature myself,

I promise YOU!

Flying is so much better than crawling!

Flying Butterfly

2 thoughts on “Managing Life In the Midst Of The Meantime

  1. Thank you for sharing this. AWESOME! Puts me in the mind set that we are all on journeys and standing still in each phase allows us to grow stronger, not needing to rush to the next chapter but explore the one we are in. Shalom my friend and thank you.

    • You are welcome, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I think so often we are in a rush to move on to the next thing, the next emotion that we miss the healing that comes when we allow stillness. Blessings

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