HELLO 2015

I have awaited your arrival for what seems like forever! Why did you take so long? It appears that life had a lot of lessons I needed to learn over the last two years. After two years of learning and recovering I am ready to begin a fabulous new year full of energy and joy! I have lived in the rain, now it is time for me mix in the glitter and dance!


I am going  to passionately embrace all that I have learned. My soul is wide open and I am ready to sit at the feet of some of the worlds best life coaches and soak up all their wisdom. It is time to energize my life lessons so that I can share them with others.

That is why I am so happy to share with you where I will be January 29th -30th.

Energize 2015 Portland Oregon

I will be immersing myself with joy, laughter, learning, dancing, eating, and enjoying all things that feed my soul. There is an amazing line up of Master coaches, speakers, and leaders who are going to be there to help me top off my soul tank. There will be Ted-style talks and workshops, I will be able to learn from people who have made their mission, their lives and have done so in a way that uplifts them and those around them.

I know that finding the time and finances to go are not easy. You may need to do some creative financial juggling, some way to barter childcare but I promise it will be worth your time. We spend time and money on so many things that leave us empty why not make a change in 2015 and spend time and money on something that will fill you up.

You are worth it!!!

I am entering 2015 with a heart full of glitter ready to sprinkle it wherever I go and I invite you to come dance with me!



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