Young Living

As most of you know my health has been a constant issue over the last two years, I have struggled to do even the easiest of tasks and there are days when I cannot get out of bed. After receiving a letter with a devastating diagnosis’s from my doctor I have been on a search the last few months to do anything and everything I can to prove the doctor wrong and get as healthy as possible. My family and friends have been so very supportive of all of my efforts and I am extremely grateful.
My latest effort, after much research and some personal testing has been using essential oils.  Since I am also extremely chemically sensitive, finding a good essential oil has been difficult. FDA regulations allow a company to label it’s products as 100% pure as long as they contain at least 5% of the actual oil alleged to be in the bottle. Most of the essential oils on the market are  adulterated and not fit for use. 


I have finally found a product that is pure and does NOT contain chemicals, it is created by a company called Young Living!
I have decided to become an Independent Distributor for Young Living because I believe in the product and for me it is more cost effective to be a distributor that than to purchase one product at a time. I want to let my friends and family know about these amazing products,the ways you can use them is limitless. I am still in the learning phase and there is a lot I don’t know but I am willing to learn and if you are suffering from anything I promise I will research and research until I can find something that may help you, also. 
Please check out my website, look around and if you have any questions please call or email me. I want to let you know that the email address that shows up on my website is different from my personal email, I didn’t want to have my personal email overflowing. 😉 Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and again if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

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