A Little Rant with a Little Raunch. Proceed with Caution

I am not sure what I was expecting as a teenager waiting to enter into adulthood but this is not it. It is a hell of a lot of work, with very little payout. We all know I am a glass half empty kind of girl or at best a realist, being positive is something I have had to work really hard at. But the last two years have taken me from a glass half empty to a quarter filled glass kind of girl on a good day, to a who the hell stole my glass on bad days. 

As most of you know my health is in a constant state of flux, we have found good doctors but I have made the decision to stop seeking help from traditional western medicine. They always have another test they need to run and any “cures” they offer have side effects that can be just as bad. Not to mention we live in the great old United States of America where my health is a for profit business. If you are lucky you have health insurance you pay for monthly with high deductibles and ridiculous copays. Where through no fault of your own someone who doesn’t have adequate car insurance can injure you leaving you with astronomical lifelong medical bills. So I have to make a choice drive my family into huge debt in hopes that something might help or to stop the insanity. I chose to stop, I chose to not send my family into more debt for my health. I chose instead to spend my time and money on making fun memories, not funding more doctors. I have one doctor who is able to control most of my issues with meds and an alternative practitioner who has helped tremendously at half of the cost that is all I need at this time. 

So how does a girl find the positive in all of this, well this girl makes lists of all the things that she couldn’t do as a kid but can do as an adult that makes it all worth it.  

1. I can say no and no one can make me do something if I really don’t want to. 

2. I can watch Rated R movies.

3. I can listen to raunchy music and no one can make me turn it off.

4. I don’t have to go to church.

5. This is a hard list I can’t find a lot of benefits to being an adult. 

6. SEX, that makes being an adult worth it. I am a Scorpio after all so of course this would make the list.

So after looking back over what I have written it can be said that the only real benefit to being an adult is SEX! I can live with that. 

Now for a little raunchy music.



Oh and I don’t have to apologize if you find this offense.  LOL