Breaking Up With Jesus

While I wouldn’t say I have broken up with Jesus, I do understand the depth of pain and fear when you start asking hard questions and changing your beliefs. I also believe that we need to honor this person’s experience of leaving “the church”. This also goes hand in hand with my post yesterday so I wanted to share.

One thought on “Breaking Up With Jesus

  1. The truth I know is unexplainable. It is my God who has so many times led me to a friend who is fine one minute and then in great need the next and I am there to help through no conscious decision of my own and no foreknowledge of the quickly changing life events. There have been countless times that I have gone to visit someone and things completely out of my control or knowledge take place and I am exactly where I need to be for my own good and theirs. I know there is someone greater than me orchestrating my life, I have watched as he has worked miracles in the hearts of agnostics and believers alike and I have seen physical miracles occur. I don’t blame God for the bad things that happen for they are a part of living. I don’t blame Jesus when my faith takes a tumble because I know He is not to blame …possibly hormones….possibly metabolic or mental unbalance…there are 100 million things it could be, but not Jesus, for He is the finisher of our faith. Without question I believe He is that small clear voice that guides me by His spirit if I am willing to listen…our spirit needs to be a finely tuned instrument…..”The sheep know the voice of the shepherd and no other voice will they hear”. There are many voices in the world that seem to want to yell their truth and their opinions at you. I truly believe it is because we won’t be still enough and unclog our mind and release our own control that we forget to really listen to what our path should be to really see the simple beauty of the gospel without every opinion of how that should be applied in our life. The truth I know is nothing is a surprise to God …He sees our struggles, our joys, our sorrows and all our questioning and He doesn’t turn His face from us He says He will never let us go. So go ahead and question…He will listen …if your faith takes a tumble…He will catch you…if you are mad or disenchanted with Him…His shoulders are big enough and His skin is thick enough…He is not repelled by you because you are beautifully and wonderfully made. ” And these three things I know Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love”

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