Coach Manny

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday we lost a beautiful friend of our family, Manny Lopez. Coach Manny as we called him, has been Eli’s coach for baseball and basketball.  Even though his boys are in college he has continued to donate his time to not only my boys but to any kids who needed help in Lincoln City. He has coached teams even when his own kids were not on the team. He often takes the kids none of the other coaches want,  either because they have disabilities or because they are known to have attitude issues. I asked him once Manny why do you do this to yourself, he replied because I was one of the kids who no one wanted to coach.   I had a coach that cared about me and it made me a better man.

Eli loves his Manny, so much in fact that he often calls himself, Little Lopez. Not once has Manny, his wife Tina, or the twins Skyler or Tyler ever complained while Eli hounded them via texts, phone calls, or instant messages begging for extra lessons, to be on Manny’s teams or just plain wanting to talk. If you know Eli you know he is relentless you also know that when he has ”chosen” you it is something special he doesn’t do this with everyone. Eli chose the Lopez family as his adopted family and I couldn’t be more pleased. The Lopez boys are everything I pray my boys grow up to be, they are kind, compassionate, strong, moral, loving, just, respectful, and so very much more.

Tina and Manny’s daughter Lexi recently had a baby, they just bought a house and the twins Skyler and Tyler are in college. Instead of spending their weekends relaxing without any kids they selflessly go to wherever the basketball game of the weekend is and coach other people’s kids, not for money or praise but because the kids beg them too. And as a parent I feel so blessed that they do.



I know that my boys will grow to be better men because Manny took time out of his life to spend time with them. Not only has Tina lost her husband, and the kids their dad but this world has lost a selfless, beautiful soul. Please help us honor Manny’s memory by supporting his family during this painful time. I am asking even if you do not know Manny or his family that you go to the provided link and donate anything you can.

Whether it is a dollar, 5 dollars, or 500 dollars I promise you that it will make a difference and I can also promise that if I was asking them to do it for you, they would.



One thought on “Coach Manny

  1. Oh, Michelle. I am so sorry to hear of this incredible loss for you, your family & friends. We say in Hebrew: ‘zichron livracha’ which means: ‘May his memory be for a blessing.’ I know there are a lot of blessings connected with your memories of Coach Manny.

    Sending love,


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