My Strong Girls

My Strong Girls, 

Do you feel your power?

Do you see how strong you are?

Do you know how valuable you are? 

Do you know how very much the world needs you? 

Do you see that your strength gives strength to those around you? 

I hope so

I pray so

If not let me share with you how I see you. Sometimes we are too broken, too afraid, too scarred to see our own worth. Let me be the one to remind you what you already know but may have forgotten.


Every cell of your body is uniquely yours. There is no other person in this world who is just like you. The way your pinky curves makes you unique. The fact that you are so small gives you a power that you don’t even realize. People will underestimate you and what you are capable of, use that to your advantage. The darkness of your skin reminds us of the life-giving power of the sun.  The fact that despite all odds of creation you exists, makes you a miracle.


I love the way the air becomes electric when you are angry because of an injustice. The way you stand up for those who are weaker than you awes me. You show how brave you are when you stand up to people bigger and older than you.  Your dreams for a better world is contagious. Your ability to inspire women and men of all ages to do better and be better by just being you is a gift. Your bravery to face the very things that scare you enables others to also stand up and be brave.


You breathe love into every situation you find yourself in. You have the ability to make those around you feel loved. The love you feel for people surges through your body into theirs. You change people’s lives just by loving them.  When people feel loved they feel hope, your love lights the way out of darkness. You are magic in human form. From nothing you create. You heal the souls of those that are broken. You bring an immense energy to everything you do no matter how small or large. Never forget that with your spoken and written words you cast spells, life and death are in them. Control them don’t let them control you.


There is no one just like you, there never has been and there never will be. Your greatness has only started to be seen, there is so much more that life holds for you.  Don’t ever give up, don’t ever stop shining. Be the light that the Divine created you to be. There will be people who are afraid of your light and power, they will try to break you and dull your light. Don’t let them, run don’t walk away. Then as you are healing look to the sky spread your arms, feel the breath of Father Sky moving around you and within you. Connect to Mother earth, take off your shoes,feel the her between your toes be grounded there. Listen the the messages in the music nature plays for you. Open your soul up to the women who have come and gone before you, they are there and ready to lead you if only you will ask.


When you feel abandoned and small in a great big world remember that you are bigger than you think and my world is bigger and better because of you. When you don’t believe in yourself, call me. I will remind you of the things you already know but may have forgotten. When you gain weight and feel ugly, remember the miracles that are taking place in your body every second of every day. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!  When you think you have failed, if you have learned something from it, it was a lesson not a failure and in that way you have succeeded.

Never ever forget how very much you are loved and needed. Be open to learn and change but never forget that at your core you are perfect, you are exactly who the Divine imagined you to be when you were created. You are irreplaceable and I love you so very much. Stand strong in yourself, the women of the past, present, and future are watching and gaining strength from you. We all need you!

You are on fire there is nothing that can stop you!!!

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