Dancing In The Rain

For me there is nothing as magical and safe as the feelings I get from looking up at the moon. As a child I use to believe that someone special was up there waiting, watching, and protecting me. My love for the moon I am sure came from the nightly singing of “My Sweethearts the Man in the Moon”. My mom has sung this song to me more times then there are stars in the sky.

While for most children a thunderstorm is a terrorizing thing for me it has always been some of the most beautiful music my ears have ever heard. I love the rain, when I am sad; it feels as if all of heaven is sad, when I am feeling grateful it is as if the heavens have opened to share their vastness.

So you can imagine my delight when I found out that I would get an hour to myself last night.  Now granted there were no thunderstorms but there was a full moon and it was raining outside.  My original plan was to sit down, enjoy the silence, and read a few chapters of my book. However, the sound of the rain was hypnotizing, and something primitive was calling out to my soul. Something beyond words or even understanding took over.  Before I knew it the stereo was turned up to the max, the house turned dark, and I was undressed and dancing in the rain. Never before have I done this. In the midst of dancing there was no thinking, no planning, no answers, no fear concerning my dad, no terror concerning Joe.  It was just me, the music, and the rain washing my soul. I cannot remember a time when I felt as connected to something bigger than me. It was as if all of us were there in our purest of forms just communing. There was no hiding behind the lies of what we wear or say during the day.  There was no need of brave faces or reassuring smiles.  For we were perfect and whole even amidst the pain and brokenness, the rain was perfect, the moon brilliant, and I was whole unaltered and free.

Of course, my mom sang it better and changed the lyrics a little!  😉

And this is one of the many songs I danced to!  I dare you to listen and not feel your hips start to shake. 😉


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